Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa Season 2

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa is a docuseries that I watched on Disney Plus. There were six episodes in this season. This was a great season with lots of ups and downs between both the animals and the keepers. Some of the animals didn’t make it, as usual, and some were born… It’s really all-inclusiveContinue reading “Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa Season 2”

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a role playing game by EA Games and 38 Studios. It’s the only game by 38 Studios, but it’s an absolutely amazing game!  You play this game as a hero that died in battle – and then are resurrected deep in a mine. They allow you to choose from variousContinue reading “Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning”

The Shape of Water (2017)

The Shape of Water is a fantasy romance movie by Fox Searchlight Pictures and TSG Entertainment. It has an incredible cast (such as Doug Jones, who was the alien man). He was absolutely amazing!  Sally Hawkins (who played Elisa) conveyed so much emotion – despite being mute in this movie!  I loved watching Elisa andContinue reading “The Shape of Water (2017)”

Cherishing Her (Skin Sins Tattoo Shop #1)

Cherishing Her is a romance novel by Jailaa West.  It’s Rogue and Marley’s story. Rogue is a tattoo artist and he is working on Marley’s tattoo. She has a lot of scars across her chest.  This is a really short novel (at around 50 pages) but wow – does it get steamy and wonderful! Rogue’sContinue reading “Cherishing Her (Skin Sins Tattoo Shop #1)”

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that I played on the Nintendo Switch. It’s really fun in the beginning – but as time went on, I honestly got extremely bored. I normally don’t play super slow games, and this one is definitely on the slow side.  Even with the DLC, it was a bitContinue reading “Animal Crossing: New Horizon”

Codename Hollywood: Soldiers for Christmas

Codename Hollywood: Soldiers for Christmas is a romance novel by Carly Keene. It’s John (Hollywood) and Daisy’s story.  John met Daisy when he was on leave for two weeks and he went to go see his sister’s baby. Daisy was the OB/GYN. From the moment they saw each other, sparks flew!  At first it wasContinue reading “Codename Hollywood: Soldiers for Christmas”

Cupcakes and Brimstone

Cupcakes and Brimstone is an urban fantasy paranormal novel by Loni Ree. It’s the story of Blaze and Anastasia. Blaze is a dragon shapeshifter who works for his own corporation. Anastasia works at his favorite bakery…  When Cupid sets them up, Blaze starts to have feelings for Anastasia. At first, she was a bit scaredContinue reading “Cupcakes and Brimstone”

Frappe Fox

Frappe Fox is an urban fantasy romance novel written by Ellis Leigh. It’s the story of  Misty and Clark… Misty is a fox shapeshifter and Clark is a wolf shapeshifter. Clark was taught when he was young not to pay attention to the shifter part of him (and ignore his wolf). Once he met MistyContinue reading “Frappe Fox”