Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantasy role-playing game by Bioware and EA games. It’s the third game in the Dragon Age series. 

This is the only game that is open world, and it’s an absolutely amazing open world! It has  beautiful mountains and lots of different environments. You can also collect various items to craft things… and there are a ton of missions!

You play this game as the Inquisitor/Herald of Andraste. There are many different races you can play as, including dwarf, elf, and Qunari. There are also eight different romances which have a lot of sweet and steamy scenes.  

There are many expansion packs that add new areas to explore – including ample quests in those areas. Throughout the game, you close things called rifts with a mark on your hand. There are various different types of enemies, including human, demon, and monster. 

I have many different playthroughs, and it can be played on Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Overall, I really liked this game, and I really enjoyed the beautiful open world and interesting characters!

I give it an 8/10.

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