Mistletoe Mobster (The Very Merry Mob #1)

Mistletoe Mobster is a romance novel by Cassie Mint. It’is Leah and Nico’s Story.  Nico met Leah when he had a stab wound and needed a place to hide for a bit. He was waiting for his mob doctor to come and stitch him up.  This is the very first mobster romance novel that IContinue reading “Mistletoe Mobster (The Very Merry Mob #1)”

The Council 

The Council is an interactive mystery graphic-adventure video game developed by Big Bad Wolf, and published by Focus Home Entertainment. I played it on my Playstation 5 on Playstation Plus.  It’s broken up into 5 episodes – with chapters in each episode. The game is quite beautiful but the puzzles were a bit confusing. TheContinue reading “The Council “

 Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season 1

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a documentary series I watched on Disney Plus. This season had eight episodes, and each one was extremely interesting.  They showed everything from sharks to giraffes, and everything in between.  The zoo is based in Florida, and looks like an amazing place to visit and see all the animalsContinue reading ” Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season 1″

My Pack Life Season 1

My Pack Life is a documentary TV series that I watched on Discovery Plus. It’s a documentary series about Lee Asher – who started a sanctuary for all sorts of animals including dogs, macaws, and horses.  There are six episodes in this season and each one was very special. This show has very cute animals!Continue reading “My Pack Life Season 1”

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is an action adventure game that I played on my Playstation 5 through Playstation Plus. It’s a pretty game, but on the shorter side… at a run time of only about eight hours. It’s nonetheless very fun – from creating your own creatures though drawing, to painting the town itself. Basically, your paintContinue reading “Concrete Genie”

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft. I found this game quite interesting.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t progress because it glitched (to the point where it was unplayable), or just simply crashed. Because I played it on my Playstation 5, I know it’s not because it’s too newContinue reading “Far Cry Primal”