Mistletoe Mobster (The Very Merry Mob #1)

Mistletoe Mobster is a romance novel by Cassie Mint. It’is Leah and Nico’s Story.  Nico met Leah when he had a stab wound and needed a place to hide for a bit. He was waiting for his mob doctor to come and stitch him up.  This is the very first mobster romance novel that IContinue reading “Mistletoe Mobster (The Very Merry Mob #1)”

Taken by the Snowmen

Taken by the Snowmen is a romance novel by Maggie Alabaster. It is Liz, Felix, Isaac and Kell’s Story. It is a very sweet and humorous romance novel, and I like how it’s atypical.  This is the first snowmen romance novel that i have ever read and wow this was fantastic! It started off withContinue reading “Taken by the Snowmen”

Gnome Sweet Gnome (Lawn Ornament Shifters #2)

Gnome Sweet Gnome is a paranormal shifter romance novel by Elva Birch. It is Tobias and Harriet’s story.  Tobias is a gnome and he is a CEO. Harriet is a snowy owl shifter who is a thief. They were at the same event when Harriet stole a bracelet. Soon after, she met Tobias and knewContinue reading “Gnome Sweet Gnome (Lawn Ornament Shifters #2)”

The Flamingo’s Fated Mate (Lawn Ornament Shifters #1)

The Flamingo’s Fated Mate is a romance novel by Elva Birch. It’s Frank and Anita’s Story.  In this story, Frank is a billionaire and a flamingo shifter who ordered cupcakes from Anita. Due to a freak storm, they ended up getting trapped in his artist’s sculpture studio where he is having an event.  From theContinue reading “The Flamingo’s Fated Mate (Lawn Ornament Shifters #1)”

Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1)

Marshmallow is a romance novel by Meghan Wade. It’s Marsha and Carter’s Story.  In this story, Marsha and Carter meet on a photoshoot for a romance novel. Marsha is an Instagram influencer/plus size model and Carter is a model as well. They have followed each other’s careers for a long time, and this photo shootContinue reading “Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1)”

Blaine (Brothers in Arms in Alaska #2)

Blaine is a romance novel by Kali Hart. It’s Blaine and Charmane’s story.  Blaine was always a playboy – which made Charmane a little nervous of him. Happily for her,  it turns out that he hasn’t slept around since he arrived in Alaska.  Blaine came to get her after her car broke down. She endedContinue reading “Blaine (Brothers in Arms in Alaska #2)”

Lawson (Bad Boys of Daisy Hills #2)

Lawson is a romance novel by Kali Hart. It’s Lawson and Hazel’s story. It’s such a sweet and steamy novel. I love the idea of second chances and that people can move on from their past.  In this story, he has been in prison for five years and is now on parole. He’s reformed andContinue reading “Lawson (Bad Boys of Daisy Hills #2)”

Codename: Diesel: Soldiers For Christmas

Codename: Diesel: Soldiers for Christmas  is a romance novel by Khloe Summers. It’s Iris and Diesel’s story.   Diesel just came back from Afghanistan. At one point he went into a restaurant and saw Iris getting emotionally abused by her boyfriend. He decided to take her to his home.  Diesel and Iris had known each otherContinue reading “Codename: Diesel: Soldiers For Christmas”

Theron(Brothers in Arms Alaska Book 1)

Theron is a romance novel by Kali Hart. It is Theron and Isla’s story. Theron and Isla knew each other from when they were young, and she wished him good luck when he went into the army. Theron came to her rescue and towed her car when she was stranded. She ended up staying atContinue reading “Theron(Brothers in Arms Alaska Book 1)”