Taken by the Snowmen

Taken by the Snowmen is a romance novel by Maggie Alabaster. It is Liz, Felix, Isaac and Kell’s Story. It is a very sweet and humorous romance novel, and I like how it’s atypical.  This is the first snowmen romance novel that i have ever read and wow this was fantastic! It started off withContinue reading “Taken by the Snowmen”

Broken River (Grizzly Bear Lake # 1)

Broken River is an urban fantasy romance novel by Ruby Shae. It’s Elle and Liam’s Story.  Liam is ex military and has some PTSD issues from his time in the service. One of his buddies (Gavin) ended up dead  – and then after he died he left a note for his sister to go marryContinue reading “Broken River (Grizzly Bear Lake # 1)”

Dragon’s Lost Letters

The Dragon’s Lost Letters is a paranormal urban fantasy novel by Zoe Chant. It’s a really sweet quick romance story about Norah (a librarian) and Valentine (who works with explosives).   In their story, Valentine has lived over 250 years. Once Norah mated with him, she acquired his lifespan.  At one point in the story,Continue reading “Dragon’s Lost Letters”

Frappe Fox

Frappe Fox is an urban fantasy romance novel written by Ellis Leigh. It’s the story of  Misty and Clark… Misty is a fox shapeshifter and Clark is a wolf shapeshifter. Clark was taught when he was young not to pay attention to the shifter part of him (and ignore his wolf). Once he met MistyContinue reading “Frappe Fox”

The Merman’s Kiss

The Merman’s Kiss is an urban fantasy romance novel by Tasmin Ley. It’s about Brianna, a woman who lost her child and decided to throw herself into the ocean to try and kill herself. She was later rescued by Zantu, a merman, who has been avoiding having a mate for 25 years.  This was myContinue reading “The Merman’s Kiss”