Fated is an urban fantasy romance novel by Tami Payton. It’s the love story of Cammie and Mason. This novel was beyond awesome – especially with all the action! It left me on a cliffhanger and really made me want more!

It turns out that Cammie was a shapeshifter werewolf all along, but was raised away from the pack for her own safety. When she was older, her twin brother started looking for her. She started feeling weird (with bad migraines and other health issues) and that’s how they knew that she was a shifter. She learned she could talk mind to mind with other werewolves… such as Mason.

There was a lot of drama between her and Mason, but once they got together at the end it was awesome! Unfortunately, she got stolen by another pack of werewolves – so I’m  excited to see what happens in the next one.

There are only two novels in this series and they are both quite short.

Overall, this was a really fun quick read and I will definitely review the second one soon!

I give it a 8/10. 

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