Her Cyborg ( Bound to Her #1)

Her Cyborg is an urban fantasy romance novel by Nellie C. Lind. It’s Shade and Phoebe’s Story.   This story takes place in its own world where you can make your own cyborg and they become bonded to you. If they don’t bond to someone, they go crazy or become a fighter and kind ofContinue reading “Her Cyborg ( Bound to Her #1)”

Broken River (Grizzly Bear Lake # 1)

Broken River is an urban fantasy romance novel by Ruby Shae. It’s Elle and Liam’s Story.  Liam is ex military and has some PTSD issues from his time in the service. One of his buddies (Gavin) ended up dead  – and then after he died he left a note for his sister to go marryContinue reading “Broken River (Grizzly Bear Lake # 1)”

Loney Lynx’s Omega (Male-Order Mates #2)

The Lonely Lynx Omega is an urban fantasy romance novel by Lorelei M. Hart. It’s Salem and  Roman’s story.  Roman is a red fox shifter and is friends with Hawke and Aqulia (from the first novel). He even watches his son sometimes.  Roman decides to use the male order app after seeing Hawkes have successContinue reading “Loney Lynx’s Omega (Male-Order Mates #2)”

Rescue Bear

Rescue bear is an urban fantasy romance novel by Cadence Ayers. It’s Roman and Megan’s story.  Roman is a polar bear shifter that works with POLAR group (a rescue team). He recently came over from Siberia after something went wrong. They were thus sent to Florida. During that time, there was a bad hurricane.  That’sContinue reading “Rescue Bear”

Dashing Home For Christmas

Dashing Home For Christmas is an urban fantasy romance novel by Harmony Raines. It’s Gina and Dash’s story.  Dash is a reindeer shifter that works and lives in a small gated community with other reindeer shifters. Dash is also a reindeer that flies with Santas sleigh!  Gina and Dash met when Dash accidentally grabbed Gina’sContinue reading “Dashing Home For Christmas”

Doctor Wolf

Doctor Wolf is an urban fantasy romance novel by Ronja Hadwin. It’s a story about Kate and Caine. In this story, Caine is a wolf shapeshifter that is also a doctor. When Kate gets attacked by a leopard shapeshifter, Caine ends up being Kate’s doctor… That’s exactly the moment when he knew that she wasContinue reading “Doctor Wolf”

Twice The Growl

Twice the Growl is an urban fantasy romance novel by Milli Taiden. It’s the story of Theron, Conner and Tally (who sometimes goes by Talia). This is the first threesome novel that I’ve ever read, but it was beyond sweet.  Both Theron and Conner are wolf shifters. When Tally was claimed by them, as theirContinue reading “Twice The Growl”

Unicon vet

Unicorn Vet is an urban fantasy romance novel by Zoe Chant and it’s a part of the Shifter Vets Series. It’s a story about Angel and Everly and it’s super sweet! It’s a short read, but OMG is it amazing! I was understandably skeptical about the idea of a unicorn romance novel, but it wasContinue reading “Unicon vet”