Her Cyborg ( Bound to Her #1)

Her Cyborg is an urban fantasy romance novel by Nellie C. Lind. It’s Shade and Phoebe’s Story.  

This story takes place in its own world where you can make your own cyborg and they become bonded to you. If they don’t bond to someone, they go crazy or become a fighter and kind of lose it. They can be re -bonded if their first person to bond with dies, but it can take months.  

Cyborgs cannot have human names, so Phoebe named him Shade. At first he was too protective, but after about a month he understood that he could be protective but not overly protective. Right as they were about to leave, they got bombed and Phoebe was taken by a rogue cyborg named Silver. 

It took them a while to find Phoebe. Unfortunately, when they did, Nightmare (the leader of the rogue cyborgs) captured Shade and tried to break his bond with Phoebe. Thankfully he was rescued. They did have to re- bond after everything because it almost killed him. 

It was a great novel with a sweet happy ending. I’m excited to read more!

I give it an 10/10!

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