Dragon’s Lost Letters

The Dragon’s Lost Letters is a paranormal urban fantasy novel by Zoe Chant. It’s a really sweet quick romance story about Norah (a librarian) and Valentine (who works with explosives).  

In their story, Valentine has lived over 250 years. Once Norah mated with him, she acquired his lifespan. 

At one point in the story, Valentine was looking in the library for letters he had written when he was younger… Norah had hidden them so that she could spend more time with him (and get to know him better). One would think that she would be freaked out when discovering he was actually a dragon – but she loved it and it was super sweet! 

I enjoyed that it was short and sweet and left me wanting more! It’s a part of the Shifter Bites Series, and I have also reviewed the other ones. It’s great fun as they are all short and can be read quickly. They are highly enjoyable and I wish there were more!

I give it an 9/10.

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