Beasts of Maravilla Island 

Beasts of Maravilla Island is an adventure photography game. I played it on my Nintendo Switch and I found it rather enjoyable. In this game, I love how you can take photos of each animal! They have everything from flying monkeys to butterflies and monkeys. There are even  behaviors that you can catch that reallyContinue reading “Beasts of Maravilla Island “


Ooblets is a farming/creature-collecting game that’s on the Nintendo Switch. It’s open-ended, which means you can go on forever decorating and collecting creatures.  In this game, you start out by choosing your starter creature. After that, you have to do dance battles to get more. Eventually, they kind of poop out a seed that turnsContinue reading “Ooblets”

Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a casual live simulation game (with some combat) developed by MassHive Media.  Unlike most live sims, the villagers start off hating you from the very beginning! You have to earn their trust by doing tasks and healing people for them. You do this by harvesting in the wild – right outside ofContinue reading “Potion Permit”

Littlewood (Game)

Littlewood is a simulation city builder game with some role-playing elements. It’s available on the Nintendo Switch, along with PC and Mac operating systems.  I personally played on the Switch and it was quite enjoyable. In actuality, the graphics are not the best, but the story itself is rather adorable.  In this game, you playContinue reading “Littlewood (Game)”

  Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors is a game that I played on the Nintendo Switch by Square Enix. It is an amazing game with absolutely stunning graphics! it’s a decent length, and each choice that you make drastically impacts the game play – so it’s totally replayable!  In this game, you play as Alex. SoonContinue reading ”  Life is Strange: True Colors”