Ooblets is a farming/creature-collecting game that’s on the Nintendo Switch. It’s open-ended, which means you can go on forever decorating and collecting creatures. 

In this game, you start out by choosing your starter creature. After that, you have to do dance battles to get more. Eventually, they kind of poop out a seed that turns into one of the creatures. That’s actually pretty amazing.

They have special versions of each creature that are different colors. For the mushroom monster, it’s a purple base (with a blue bell of the mushroom) with spots. 

There are various quests that will open up new areas, and there is a wild zone and once you repair the hot air balloon (which means you can travel even farther). 

Amazingly enough, you also have the ability to upgrade your house and buildings in your own little town. 

Overall, it’s a really cute game! I absolutely love how you can collect various creatures.

I give it an 8/10.

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