Cupcakes and Brimstone

Cupcakes and Brimstone is an urban fantasy paranormal novel by Loni Ree. It’s the story of Blaze and Anastasia. Blaze is a dragon shapeshifter who works for his own corporation. Anastasia works at his favorite bakery… 

When Cupid sets them up, Blaze starts to have feelings for Anastasia. At first, she was a bit scared of him – knowing that he was a dragon shifter. He went slowly with her, and the romance was super sweet! 

One of my favorite scenes was when she rode him to their cabin in his dragon form! He has blueish blackish scales and was the size of a small plane when in dragon form. He also had ice flames instead of fire – fascinating!

It was a quick novel, but a really great read. It was quite interesting to read about a dragon shifter – I don’t see that very often! All in all, it was a sweet read with a lot of spunkiness on both sides. 

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good sweet romance with some hot dragon action! I will get to more of the series as they come out!

I give it an 9/10.

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