Mean Right Hook

Mean Right Hook is an urban fantasy romance novel by Michelle Mills. It’s a story about Leah and Saxon. Saxon is a xylan – a type of alien that has two hearts and claws. They can tell their mates by touch, and Saxon and his family can tell just by smell.

It was a fascinating culture. They have their own language… Additionally, Leah has an implant that allows her to understand it – which is kind of cool in itself! 

In this story, they work at a mine. Leah was a student going to check things out and then she and Saxon got stuck in an elevator. Saxon smelled her, and just knew… and their romance turned super sweet! 

I’m excited to read more of this series that pairs up the Saxon brothers! 

Overall, it was a really fun read and it was nice and quick. Leah had a bad childhood, so she loved being supported and treated like she was part of the family with Saxon and his brothers.

I give it an 8/10.

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