Cleaning Lady

Cleaning Lady is an RJLE Film that was based on a short film of the same name. It begins with Alice and Micheal in bed after sleeping with each other. Micheal is married and Alice is in sex addiction therapy – (she is there because she is trying to get over Micheal since she doesn’t want to be a home wrecker). So, she has a clogged bathtub and is getting maintenance to her apartment… that’s where she meets Shelly. Shelly fixed her sink and then Alice offered her a job and Shelly accepted. Shelly is badly burned across her face from when she was young and was attacked by a man that raped her (bts, then she stabbed him). Shelly starts to obsess over Alice from the beginning – by looking at her while she is taking a bath. Eventually, she drugs Alice and made a mask of her face so that she could look like her. For the record, Shelly has her mom chained up where she lives (which is a junkyard).

It was a super intense movie and it was interesting seeing a horror movie when it doesn’t have a creature or paranormal vibe. It definitely has a few gruesome moments like when Shelly poured acid down Micheals’s throat.

I Give it a 9/10.

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