The Other Lamb

The Other Lamb is made by IFC Midnight and I watched it on Hulu. It is about a cult that has a lot of women and girls and one man that they called the Shepard. The Shepard sometimes gets romantic with the women and he often says that he “saves them from the outside world”. They repeatedly show dead lambs (and they kept on saying that the blood-contaminated them referring to menstruation.) One of the women died in childbirth and was buried in a Viking fire – of sorts. When the older woman was too old they were drowned in a river. When the cops come to expose the cult, they found Shepard and the rest of the people dead around the waterfall… I assumed that Cella and a few others managed to get down to the river as it ends with them holding a lamb under the waterfall.

I give it a 4/10.

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