Broken Hero: A Single Mom Scarred Hero Romance (Blue Mountain Lake 1)

Broken Hero is a romance novel by Elisa Leigh. It is Bash and Megan’s Story. 

Bash is named Sebastian but goes by Bash. He was in the Navy and had an accident – ending up badly scarred. He went to a bar looking for a hotel (or a place to stay) and that’s where he met Meghan – who offered to take him to a hotel. 

Meghan is a single mom with an irresponsible ex who left her having to work two jobs and going to college. Over time, she fell for Bash – despite the scars. He, in return, helped her take care of her daughter. It was super sweet! 

I hope there is more to this series eventually! It had some amazing steamy scenes and some sweet moments.

I give it an 8/10.

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