Inked (Zafting Dating Agency #9)

Inked is a romance novel by Jane Fox. It’s Lincoln and Cassandra’s romance. 

Linc was set up with Zafting Dating Agency by Kayla – who is a fellow tattoo artist at Inkcredible Ink. It was a really intense cute romance.

The dating agency is unique – where they have no direct contact with Mona (the owner of the agency and matchmaker). She oddly does all the matches using friends and family of the client to help set them up. 

These romances are very quick but also very amazing. It’s short, sweet, and very steamy! 

At one point in the story, Linc’s ex showed up at the shop while Cass was there – and wow was it intense! It was so intense that Linc almost had to call the cops! 

The story ended up with Linc ended up married to Cassandra!

I give it an 10/10.

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