Marshmallow (Sweet Curves #1)

Marshmallow is a romance novel by Meghan Wade. It’s Marsha and Carter’s Story. 

In this story, Marsha and Carter meet on a photoshoot for a romance novel. Marsha is an Instagram influencer/plus size model and Carter is a model as well. They have followed each other’s careers for a long time, and this photo shoot finally brings them together. Sparks begin to fly (in a good way) and they get together within a week! 

Marsha’s nickname is Marshmallow because she is heavier – all the bullies call her marshmallow. She turned it all around and now she uses it as an empowering nickname. 

Spoiler Alert: Once they get together, they end up with three kids and a very happy marriage!

I give it an 8/10.

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