Unicon vet

Unicorn Vet is an urban fantasy romance novel by Zoe Chant and it’s a part of the Shifter Vets Series. It’s a story about Angel and Everly and it’s super sweet! It’s a short read, but OMG is it amazing! I was understandably skeptical about the idea of a unicorn romance novel, but it was awesome! 

Angel is a unicorn shifter (a vet) that works with various animals – mythical and regular alike. He meets Everly, who found a baby dragon, and wanted help on what to do next… Once Angel saw Everly, he new right away that she was his mate! His inner unicorn is a bit flashy and egocentric, but the person inside of him isn’t quite as cocky! Unlike most unicorns in that world, he cannot heal directly with his magic – but can calm both people and animals. This has caused him some shame from his inabilities to heal that way…

Overall, it’s a great novel and I’m super excited to read more of this series, and review them! I love most shifter series – just the whole idea has always fascinated me. 

I give it an 10/10.

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