Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a movie by Sega and Paramount Pictures. In the film, Sonic came to earth from his planet when his powers were found out. He found a small spot in the city to hide out, but one night they found out about his powers and thus wanted to experiment on him. Thankfully, a cop named Tom and his wife (who is a vet) helped him on his journey. You see, Sonic had lost his rings that he needed to travel from world to world.

It was a super sweet movie! At the end, Sonic ended up moving into Toms house. JimCarrey played the villain egg man (Dr. Robotnik) and was absolutely hilarious. He’s actually one of my favorite actors in the whole movie.

The action scenes were amazing and so was the CGI. Sonic looked almost life-like which to me was super impressive.

Overall I thought it was an amazing family movie. It kind of made me want to look into the Sonic games.

I give it an 9/10.

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