Alien’s Innocent Bride (Mail Order Human #1)

Alien’s Innocent Bride is the first book in the Mail Order Human Series. It’s written by Sue Mercury. It’s a Sci-Fi urban fantasy romance novel with some shapeshifter aliens. 

To summarize: Tara decided to go to the place in her city to become a mail order human – to avoid a gang that killed her parents. She met Sev… who is an alien who can shape-shift into a bear. His species can change into animals. Actually, each different family blood-line changes differently: some bears, some wolves, and some large cats – such as lynx. Sev is her mate, and because of a disease that wiped out all of the females in his species, he had to go with a human instead. When they mated she got markings on her arms as a sign that she has been claimed.

It was definitely an interesting read and I’m looking forward to reading more of the series. I recommend it to anyone who likes alien shapeshifters and a unique and sweet romance.

I give it an 9/10.

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