Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season 1

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a documentary series I watched on Disney Plus. This season had eight episodes, and each one was extremely interesting.  They showed everything from sharks to giraffes, and everything in between.  The zoo is based in Florida, and looks like an amazing place to visit and see all the animalsContinue reading ” Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season 1″

Dog: Impossible – Season 2

Dog: Impossible – Season 2 is a documentary series I watched on Disney Plus. There are a total of 7 episodes in this season.  Within each episode, they are trying to help the dogs. Unfortunately, for two of the dogs, that meant leaving their existing families (to find people that understood them better). One ofContinue reading “Dog: Impossible – Season 2”

Pitbulls and Parolees – Season 1

Pitbulls and Parolees is a documentary series on Discovery Plus. There are six episodes in this season.  It’s based at Villalobos Rescue Center where they primarily rescue pitbulls and the owner employs parolees (which as you can imagine causes its fair share of drama). Deep down, the parolees are all doing the best for theContinue reading “Pitbulls and Parolees – Season 1”

Dog: Impossible – Season 1

Dog: Impossible is a documentary television show that i watched on Disney Plus. This season had six episodes and each one was impactful and full of adrenaline! Matt, the dog trainer, works hard to train the dogs with a very kind training method. He works mostly with highly aggressive and fearful dogs. Most dogs, IContinue reading “Dog: Impossible – Season 1”

Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER – Season 3

Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER is a docuseries that I watched on Disney +.  It was a great season with lots of different types of animals! It included everything from skunks to wolves –  and they are owned either by organizations or by private owners.  In this show, they use all sorts of technology toContinue reading “Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER – Season 3”

Meet The Meerkats

Meet the Meerkats is a documentary series on Discovery Plus, and it’s absolutely adorable!  The story centers around a group of meerkats from the illegal pet trade. They had been rehabilitated and then (fortunately) released back into the wild. The journey included moments of betrayal, heartwarming moments, and some really sweet moments. I loved howContinue reading “Meet The Meerkats”