Hereditary is a movie by A24 and (wow!) It’s creepy and amazing! I watched it on Amazon Prime. 

The cast is incredible and leaves you wondering the whole time…  It’s actually a great combination between gore and suspense. I mean, a chick gets decapitated, in addition to just general creepiness. 

Another thing that is amazing is that it’s not too slow, which to me is great! I hate it when you are watching something, and the whole time you are thinking “give me some gore or action…  or something!” This one just kind of gives it to you, and never leaves you hanging for more. 

In addition, everyone gets killed off in unique ways. It plays around with some ideas of witchcraft – which is a lot of fun! 

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a lot of suspense with a bit of WTF feeling at the end!

I give it a 10/10.

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