Plane Love

Plane love is a romance novel by Avery Kingston. It’s Lainey and Xavier’s story. It’s a really sweet romance…

Lainey and Xavier met when they were both going to the same wedding – without knowing it. Xavier is paralyzed from the waist down at the c12 vertebrae, but he is still very capable. At first when they met, Lainey was drunk out of her mind. She ended up throwing up from her fear of flying – and of course from being drunk. Once they are both at Lainey’s brothers wedding, things really kick off and they are going well… Unfortunately, Lainey’s Brother was very overprotective (even though they were both in the military together). 

Xavier ended up proposing to Lainey after going skydiving with her! Wow was it sweet!! He actually proposed with a plane flying overhead and a “Will You Marry Me?” banner hanging off the end of it. It was a cheesy ending but incredibly sweet.

I give it an 8/10.

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