Delirium is a movie by Universal Pictures and Bloomhouse. Delirium is about a man named Tom (played by Topher Grace) who was in a mental institution for a long time and eventually released on house arrest for 30 days. He wars a house arrest anklet and everything… He is not allowed to bring people into his home until the month is over. Nonetheless, his counselor is allowed to go visit him and he has to check in with the institution using a phone with a camera attached to it. He eventually becomes friends with Lyn (played by Genesis Rodriguez) who works at the grocery store and drops food off with them. Tom also keeps on imagining that his older brother is around even though his brother died in a fire in a prison. Tom eventually finds his mom whom he thought was dead under the house and then his brother… He beat up Lyn and then he blamed his brother for it. It was a fascinating movie and a bit of a mind f&ck. The movie had some great action and a lot of great jump scares. I watched Delirium on Netflix.

I would give it a 9/10.

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