The Farm

The Farm is a horror movie made in 2018 by Red Dog Films. It is about a road trip that goes wrong and they end up at a farm that farmed people instead of animals. I thought during the whole movie that it felt like a commentary on the modern day commercial animal farming. For example, they show women being milked and caged in a small cages. At the very end of the movie it showed the girlfriend of the couple that was on the road trip – and her friend – being roasted on a table with an apple in their mouths. The couple had been on their way to California and ended up going though a town where they looked for a place to go to sleep – and ended up at a cabin. Once they spent the night at the cabin they were captured by the people that worked at the farm and then Nora was captured and forcibly impregnated to be able to be milked later on. The men in the film are farmed for human “beef” as were the women – once they were unable to be milked. The man who was in charge at the Inn was also the one who ran the farm. All of the people at the farm wore creepy animal masks and none of the ones who wore masks would speak. They also served human meat at the cafe that is seen earlier in the movie.

I thought the movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a weird horror movie that makes you think.

I give it an 7/10.

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