Tales of Arise 

Tales of Arise is an RPG game on the PlayStation 5, and it was incredible! 

In this game, you play as Alphen (a slave in the beginning with a metal mask). Over time, his mask breaks…

There are a lot of deep story moments in Tales of Arise, but also cute things – like one of the girls in your party has an adorable owl. Throughout the game, you collect various owls in an array of colors from (such as white and a beautiful red). You also receive various gifts! It’s super cute! 

I recommend making sure you have plenty of healing potions (and to cook a lot!). It will keep your health up for the end battles. 

I messed up badly and didn’t beat the final boss. I do plan on going back – and eventually beating the final boss! 

Overall, it’s a great game. I definitely recommend Tales of Arise!!

I give it a 10/10.

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