Fresh (2022)

Fresh is a Searchlight Pictures and Legendary Pictures production that I watched on Hulu. It was a wonderful action and gore movie that never left me feeling bored! 

It was an amazing journey – from the steamy makeout and sex scenes… to the gorey meals of human flesh. In this film, the price of a human meal is a very pricey $30,000!  

The way that Steve does it is very unique. He keeps people alive as long as possible… simply cutting off a leg or a butt – while keeping the person alive (but under sedation during the surgeries). 

All of the women (including Noa) were captured after going out on a date with Steve. This really played into the creepiness factor.

Sebastian Stan (who played Steve) did an absolutely incredible job. I have never seen him do a creepy role before, and he did it with such ease. 

I give it an 8/10.

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