Thinner (1996)

Thinner is a movie that I watched on Hulu. It’s an older movie so it’s a bit grainy – but that’s what happens with older films (not that unusual). 

It has a good cast! Stephen King himself (the one who wrote the book) showed up for a couple of scenes – which I loved! 

There are a few small differences from the movie and the books. For example, the chubby lawyer (Billy) accidentally hit a gypsy woman – which caused her father to curse him with the curse “thinner”. This causes him to lose weight until he dies. 

He eventually got the curse taken care of by transferring it to his wife – and then he made out with her dead disfigured corpse (wild, I know). 

The way that the curse is transferred is by a pie… It kills people very quickly.  

Also in the novel, the daughter died after eating the pie – but in the movie she ate the pie and didn’t die (or at least not on camera). He awkwardly convinced his doctor to come in and have pie –  and then it abruptly ended. 

I give it a 7/10.

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