Abominable is a movie made by Universal Studios and DreamWorks Animation. I watched it on Hulu. Abominable is about a yeti (named Everest) who was trying to escape a facility where they were doing tests on him. He wants to get to Everest (he’s named after the mountain) – back to his family – since he is just a child.

Yi is a child living in China, who was adopted by a family after her father died. She goes on her rooftop and sees Everest (the yeti) and slowly earns his trust with food. She then promises to get him to the mountains – where he came from. They next go on a journey to Everest – and they run into challenges along the way. They eventually end up bringing him back to his family. 

Overall it was a super cute movie with amazing animation and amazing music!

I give this movie a 10/10.

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