The Grudge (2020)

Grudge was made by Screen Gems and 6 films, Directed by Nicolas Pesce. It was about a grudge of a house called Ju-On and basically, if you enter the house the entity will follow you and eventually drive you crazy as you start seeing the Ju-on everywhere. The grudge of the house became the grudge when a spirit dies with anger or a grudge and then whoever enters the house gets the creature to follow the people who enter it. For example one of the detectives that first entered the house drove him so crazy that he ended up gouging his eyes out in an attempt to escape the creature/ grudge. Later on, one of the female detectives almost escaped by burning the house that had the Ju-On inside of it. Unfortunately, once someone enters the house they start to slowly go crazy. Even when she fully destroys the house, the creature shows back up again as her son. Additionally, one of the couples who lived there (the wife and her husband) started to feel like the spirits never leave the house so that’s why they stayed in the house – to feel connected to the spirit world. The wife was going to die soon and frequently saw the creature and called it Madeline.

I thought this movie was awesome and captured me after the first two minutes. It was great and had some really good jump scares. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good scare.

I give it a 9/10.

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