My Pack Life Season 1

My Pack Life is a documentary TV series that I watched on Discovery Plus. It’s a documentary series about Lee Asher – who started a sanctuary for all sorts of animals including dogs, macaws, and horses.  There are six episodes in this season and each one was very special. This show has very cute animals!Continue reading “My Pack Life Season 1”

Animal Cops: Phoenix – Season 20

Animal Cops: Phoenix, Season 20, is a documentary series that I watched on Discovery Plus. There were ten episodes in this season.  I enjoyed seeing various animals get rescued! They rescued dogs, cats, snakes, and everything in between.  They take animals, get them spayed/neutered, and place them with adoptive families. With the feral cats, theyContinue reading “Animal Cops: Phoenix – Season 20”

Pitbulls and Parolees – Season 1

Pitbulls and Parolees is a documentary series on Discovery Plus. There are six episodes in this season.  It’s based at Villalobos Rescue Center where they primarily rescue pitbulls and the owner employs parolees (which as you can imagine causes its fair share of drama). Deep down, the parolees are all doing the best for theContinue reading “Pitbulls and Parolees – Season 1”

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue – Season 1

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is a documentary television show that I watched on Disney Plus. This season had six episodes and was absolutely fantastic.  This particular documentary show reminds me of all the animal cop shows from when I was a kid. There were all sorts of animals: cats, dogs, pigs and even peacocks!  OneContinue reading “Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue – Season 1”